How I hosted my website for the price of a coffee!

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·Jun 2, 2021·

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So many of us in tech world have thought of creating our website but it has always seemed like such a hassle but in this lockdown when I started to learn various new things, it seemed like a good idea to start my own website. That's not always easy though right? So after exploring a lot of options, here's how I launched my own website with minimal cost.

So let's get started !

The first step in my journey to launch my website was to get my domain name. It should be something simple, easy and gives an idea of what my site is about so the .tech seemed like the best choice out there. I started looking at various domain providers and could see a huge price difference between the various options.



Of course I went with the cheapest option of buying only the domain name on hostinger which cost me 102/- incl taxes. Once the payment and email verification is done, I next needed to figure out where to actually host my content and redirect to the domain name I just bought.

I had long been considering writing on Medium but recently I bumped upon Hashnode and fell in love with how easy it is to write tech and annotate coding related stuffs on here. So this became an obvious choice for me. Once I created a new account on Hashnode, I was given the option to create a subdomain here or host my own domain. However even if you did not link your domain name to Hashnode during account creation, you can link them anytime by going to settings --> domain


Now there are two ways to link the hashnode network to our domain settings with the domain provider


Since I have only bought a domain and not hosting services from Hostinger, this is how the homepage looks like for me.

hostinger front.PNG

From here we go to manage --> change nameservers and add the CNAME or A Record to the page and submit. And from here it will take upto 24 hours for the mapping to take effect.

Ta-da ! 24 hrs later you have your website hosted on Hashnode. You can how create entries on hashnode and the articles will get added to your webpage.

Happy blogging !!!

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